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As the site and situations change from time to time a dated post will also be made.
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Journal 2011 *index

              March 22nd   ~   Blog is in storage

Am replying to photographic technical correspondence again with email and reference to older blog entries where needed.   The blog will retire in this format for the time being.   Am unsure of its future for now.   Although photography shapes the site and gives it form it is essentially a secondary purpose and motivation at least for now.   The site was not meant to be a technical reference.   Will try to rethink this priority in the transition to a new blog format.

Will keep a wind journal with reference to windsurf/SUP progress with related articles.   The first few entries will be working duck jibes and riding 3 - 4 ft. waves on a 10 ft. Starboard SUP.  


              March 10th   ~   Continuing to assist daughter Maggie with a few of the many challenges completing her new home move throughout this month.   There's no internet provider or poachable connection nearby so site will report sporadically and when able for a while again.

Only a month till we start packing for our spring trip to Cape Hatteras.   So looking forward to good wind, warmer water, bright sunshine, blue skies, cold beer, and beautiful endless beaches.

Not able to keep the site current & up to date with new pics and entries.   (Recess time for a bit of a personal site break)

              March 3rd   ~   Helping daughter Maggie move into her new home in Toronto and involved with the house for a while.   No internet connection just yet so site will likely not report for 4 - 5 days.

If we can poach a signal we'll upload a few pics.

            Re:   February 25th   ~   the 2wd hummer,   Santa Monica Beach

The hummer's rapidly beating wings were the only warning that caused me to look around.   Quickly increased the shutter speed from 1/125 sec. to 1/1000 sec. and searched for the wee bird (spot focus).   Was fortunate in getting a few panned shots before it disappeared as quickly as it had come.

One of those fun, lucky, happy keepers that come into your life when carrying a camera.

Please click on the thumbnail below to enlarge

            February 18th

Will miss the beautiful hikes on the trails and pathways.

The views of greater L.A., the amazing summerlike weather, and the overall workout are the best.   Two and a half hours round trip to the observatory or wherever and it's a sweet park your ass with a Corona and relax.   Am afraid to stand on a scale for a while.
Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pics
(L.A. sprawl below goes on as far as the eye can see in all directions)

            February 15th     Mission San Juan Capistrano

An interesting day trip south of L.A.

The guided tour is very worthwhile and every 4th grade California student visits a mission as a part of their school curriculum.   The Franciscan order of padres were strong, rugged people. They were very capable and knowledgable about how to both build and convert native souls in the New World.

The second, larger church seen below was destroyed by an earthquake (December 1812) killing 42 people when the roof collapsed and the doors would not open.   The first church is still used and is the oldest building in California.   Those holes in the rock below is where the acorn like nuts were ground to make flour used in the daily meals.   Olives were also ground for oil.

Life here would have been very agreeable for the native people before the coming of the Spaniards because of the beautiful climate, the two nearby rivers, and the rich soil.

(aside) - Be sure to dine at the Cedar Creek Inn across the street for the very best (Deluxe) grilled Hamburger in the free world.   Order it medium rare.

official site ~ Franciscan Order - Mission at San Juan Capistrano

an interesting and rather complete History ~ Mission - San Juan Capistrano

Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pics

            February 14th     Re:   Finding site pictures (apologies)

Have had some site location concerns from viewer traffic.

Some incoming traffic from FB and family couldn't locate the L.A. trip pics.   The Travels link was moved above the main image and some direction was added on the Main Page to help locate the files.   Hopefully this will help resolve the challenge for now.   The Main Page can also be viewed more readily now that the main pic size has been reduced.

This is an ongoing problem when organizing a picture website.   Some of the newer consumer ready sites available make this easier.   Am giving them a serious look but they don't look quite right having worked WIS for 9 years.

one of many examples of free website templates

            February 13th     The Griffith Observatory

It's a great hike through the hills to get to the observatory about 50 minutes away east from where we're staying.   The 9000 lb., 12" Zeiss telescope is in perfect working order and is reported to have been used by the largest number of people when compared to all other telescopes   Since 1935 more than 7 million viewers have put an eye here to see what's best available in the night sky.

The Griffith Observatory's official website

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            February 10th

Life in sunny California is interesting.   There's so much to see and do.   From beautiful Santa Barbara to exquisite San Diego the smaller towns and cities are remarkable.   The weather is perfect.   People are friendly.   Walk the beaches, hike the hills, and ski the mountains pretty much in the same day.   There's a personal history and ownership involved from watching movies, listening to music, radio shows in the 40's and 50's, dreaming of those exotic California hot rods, and all of the tv shows through the years that made one feel a part of this warm sunshine and blue sky landscape.   LA is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car (maybe a little deuce coupe) and move to the Hills of Beverly, say good-night Gracie!

Other than that and the traffic, the endless sprawl of LA, smog, the current economic challenge, and much, so much more, it's perfect.

That said I miss Niagara and am looking forward to being home.

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            February 7th   ~   Getting settled.

We're staying in the Malibu for a few days then moving a few miles into the Hollywood Hills late Tuesday afternoon.   Canyons and roads are much like Madeira but on a smaller scale.   Hikers, mountain/road bikers test their legs on the steep roads and cutbacks.   The Malibu area would be a great life for anyone with a surf attitude.   Saw 100's and 100's of surfers and surfmobiles parked along the Pacific Coast Highway as we drove by late Saturday afternoon.   Exotic cars, hot rods, custom cars, and unique motorcycles abound and the general attitude is quite laid back.   The year round summer weather contributes to this.   These canyons and gulches were once the settings for some of those Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers flicks from the 40's and 50's.

Most homes have sprinkler systems on their roof in case of fires that can spread quickly when it's dry.   The ocean views below are spectacular as are some of the homes like the one below right taken on a walk yesterday.   Locals and hikers who walk or bike around the area regularly are in great shape!

Malibu Hills, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, etc., are all a part of the same coastal geology.   Heading north along the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara today.   Will likely not take pictures, just enjoy the drive.

Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pics

            February 3rd   ~   Site will report again from Southern California by Sunday.

            January 27th - February 1st   (update)   ~       Re:   Continuing to make some changes.

Moving slowly through the site, housecleaning, fixing errors, and working with a new appearance.   This will be an on-going task for some time to come.

Am hoping to maintain a photographic journal of wind sport and some on-going response communication as a Blog .   The site's main focus will be wind-related and should reflect that objective throughout most of the year.   Travels & The Bruce Trail ~ Niagara will retire for periods of time to the Archives~Contact and occasionally return when we're on a trip or hiking about and shooting pics.

The site has a life of its own which continues to amaze and pull me along at times.

The love of wind-driven activity and capturing those moments in a photographic chronicle will continue to be the dominant raison d'etre for the site.   Photography in itself is also a personal passion that continues to intrigue, propel me, and be an end in itself.   Am happy to share whatever I've learned as a growing, amateur photographer.

That said, the site will carry on for now one day at a time.   Input, comments and questions are always welcome and appreciated.

            January 30th   ~       Re:   The Grey Jay,   browsers used for the site,   and font size challenge.

The grey jay was a lucky walk-by moment.   I like the second shot the best, the one showing on the main image.     ISO's 1000,   1/1000th sec., shutter priority,   and zoomed in for a tight composition keeping the single left spot focus on the bird's eye for a Rule Of Thirds attempt.

I use Mozilla Foxfire and/or Safari as a browser to check the site appearance before an upload involving html and tables to make sure margins line up etc.   There are a number of other browsers that will alter the appearance of windinsight to some extent making it different from what I see.   Can't check them all.   Microsoft Internet Explorer still dominates the market.   I think they currently have about 2/3rds of the market share, down from over 90% a decade or so ago.   IE isn't compatible with the Mac so I can't check WIS with it.   Chrome, Firefox, Android, Safari, Opera, Amaya, and Netscape are some of the browsers available today.   Each presents slight differences which can be considered advantages or not depending on your needs.

As to your font size you can change font size appearance using your computer settings.   When I was using Internet Explorer on the PC the mouse had a font size increase/decrease control dial function.   Not sure if you can do this.

Here's a link showing most if not all of the browsers and how they compare.   Firefox, Safari, of Internet Explorer are all easy considerations to use for everyday and to see how a site will appear before an upload.

A comparison of web browsers

Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pics

            January 24th ~       Re:  settings along the Bruce Trail

Using the Tamron 18 - 250 on the Canon 40D in good light set the ISO's at 100, and 1/125th sec. for landscapes.   Shutter priority setting works well in this case.   The f stops will likely range from 12 - 20 depending on the intensity of the available sunlight.   When some sledding action comes into view switch to spot focus and shoot 1/1000th sec.

The bird needed both the spot focus and a full 250mm zoom.   The compact, lightweight, and versatile Tamron does the job well.

I moved off the trail a distance and headed up to the rail line above as a buzz of skidoos approached from the St. Paul Avenue entrance.   An irksome moment.   Didn't want a confrontation.

            January 21st ~       Re:   hiking the Bruce Trail

Using the compact Tamron 18 -250 on the Canon 40D as a lightweight hiking accessory.   There are so many moments walking along the Bruce Trail that are serene and inspiring in spite of the ATV's, dirt bikes, and Skidoos that chew, rut, and blemish the trail.   The pics below were shot later in the afternoon when light was diminishing so some post session Photoshop shadow highlights were necessary to lighten the shots a little.

Added a new Bruce Trail link in Travels/Main Page to help work & sustain photog skills during this cold winter chill, and to continue the quest for that illusive perfect shot.

            January 19th   True Grit

What an amazing film.   The cinematography and screen adaptation of the story kept (us and) the theatre audience spellbound.   The Coen Brothers did a superb job writing and filming True Grit.   They deserve an award for their excellence.   Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld played exceptionally brilliant roles.   The entire cast shone.   The language, settings, characters, and large landscapes were authentic and powerful.   The Coens' unique camera work was evident throughout the film elevating both the mood and thrill of the moment.

A must see movie for anyone who simply appreciates or is inspired with creating worthwhile film or video.

Trailers for true Grit

            January 18th

Looking forward to warm wind and water.   In the meantime winter landscapes and archived pictures will show on the main page.

Will be in southern California in a few weeks and then wandering about until spring.   The last two weeks in April will see us back in Cape Hatteras indulging in whatever wind conditions present from day to day.

Off to see True Grit.

           until mid January   ~     Site will report when able for the next while.   Enjoying family for a few weeks.   Will more likely be recycling older archived pics for now.

            January 3rd (second entry) ~       Re:   Do you still have the original windinsight main page from 2003?

Not the very first one (July 1st, 2003) but nearby to it.   The original didn't have any page/picture archives/weather/email links.   Will include it with the other files in the Archives.   Not sure if the original site can be easily reactivated live in its entirety as some file names etc. might conflict with the current version.   May give it a shot later.

The new iMac 11,3 is simply a dream to work with, definitely worth it!   The PC has been archived and relegated to the basement.

Ok, will make the archives available from the contact page.   Didn't originally plan to keep them in the newer site format.

Here's a jpg rendering of the original page.   Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge it.

            January 3rd (first entry) ~       Re:   Archived files recently removed   ~   Ok, where are they?

If you want to go to older links   ~   go to   contact   above right,   or click on   site & tech info   above.   The archives are linked there.

Also included is the controversial and perhaps somewhat irreverent Human Surf Response page which was created as a result of someone asking what was meant by the term human surf response first noted in this site years ago.   Be careful what you ask for.   I'm old with time on my hands, strongly focussed, and possess an unrelenting willingness to go where the site directs me.

Contact or Site&Tech Info -> Archives

            January 2nd

The iMac is fun.   Working the site is a joy.   Text Edit is quite different than Word Pad and Notebook but so far it works the html well and without a problem.   Have been able to create a few gifs, tables, pages, and modify the site without much challenge.

Photoshop CS5 is somewhat different than CS3 and CS but knowing the older programs helps in figuring out how what to do when a problem arises. So, all in all, it has been a much easier transition from the PC and the older MacBook than first anticipated.   Hopefully this will continue.

Am working with the new iMovie, iPhoto, & Garageband 11 programs and hope to add Final Cut Pro and Aperture 3 to the system over the next year.

The site will remain as is for now except for some minor cosmetic change, some continued rearrangement, and some cuts to older files and indices to both simplify and lighten the site.

            New Year 2011   ~      Re:   Serious and Real Priorities

Well, this about says it all!   Thank-you Josh and Beric!   Love you guys!

Let this somehow be reworked into the ultimate focus and primary objective of our New Year's Resolutions.   All else will fall into place.

Please click on the thumbnail below to help clarify your thinking

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