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Windsurfing Rodanthe NC - November 2015

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Blakey's Got Musical Talent!

Gus debuts with the ABC song!

Entries are often works in progress that take a while to edit.     Mostly about windsurfing, photography, and wandering about…

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        December 31st     A problem with shooting RAW and then over saturating the colour values in post edit.

Anyone who watched CSI Miami saw the first use of over saturation.

Luminous colours were iridescent and over saturated in the background as camera angles changed creating new angles of incidence.

The effect was somewhat awesome at the time.   But, way too dramatic in my opinion, (like the acting in the show.)   However, a few photographers began to oversaturate still pictures maybe believing that a new era had begun.   Kinda like LSD in the 60s.

Most everyone who works with Adobe Lightroom boosts the colour for a while and then (hopefully) seeks to normalize images as they appeared to the eye when first captured by the camera.   But not always.   It becomes a bit of an irritation.

For me it became more of a challenge in underexposed shots or when subjects were backlit.   I found myself compensating either for my lack of technical ability or in blaming the poor backlit conditions and boosting the exposure plus the colour values in post edit to get what seemed like a better result.

In any event it is actually just as easy to improve the shot while maintaining the original conditions.   The pics below are all somewhat closer to the original values as seen by the eye just before taking the picture in my opinion.

Honest personal growth is always the key and should be a mindful internal self-evaluation in every aspect of our lives when we step back appraise any of our accomplishments.

Sometimes confession is good for the soul just like chicken soup for the body.

So little time, so much to learn.

Off to the gym.

        December 27th     This is our life.   This is what counts,   This is for us.

This past Thursday really helped me to realize the importance of what being a windsurfer is all about.

Watching the harder core of us brave the cold water for the high wind and waves was where really I wanted be.   Even if it was just for the morning.   Even though I was just taking pics.   Even though the sunlight was directly in my face for most of the badly backlit photos.   It didn't matter.   The wind, waves, beach, and fellowship all came together to rally us and give us our moment to rejoice.

The reason for exercise, diet, expense, van, whatever, all of it, became evident in the smiles and intensity of old and new friends all sharing a true, deep love of the sport.

When asked about how long all this will go on I can only say that what keeps me wanting to live are love, laughs, purpose, family, friends, and fellowship.   If there is something that helps keep us living longer and better I know that for me this wind driven play is a big part of it all.

Life is so good.   Grandsons will be with us again tomorrow for a few days before heading home.

Have been way, way too busy for the past three weeks.   Will get some of the Sherkston pics posted here later today as well.   Our family pics (new ones from this Christmas should be uploaded in a few days) are inside the website for friends and family ~> (New site directions) ~> Contact Page ~> Archives ~> Travels ~> Family Links (RHS)

        December 20th     Was finally able to get Marty's M2Imaging to stay in a horizontal line.

For the past year any extra items added to that table would go off in a vertical direction.   I slowly and completely retyped all of the html instead of simply making a faster copy/paste and somehow the the line links remained horizontal.   Amazing.   Not sure why it worked.

I guess an update html immersion of some sort is necessary over the next year.   I almost wish the trial and error or occasional Google search corrections wouldn’t (oops,) wouldn't work.   (Damned newer html apostrophe code ~ & # 3 9 ; currently creates an '.   What's next?)   Maybe an on-line tutorial or back to school course would help get me motivated enough to get everything sorted out and working tickety-boo.   What I've seen on bookstore shelves looks more than somewhat intimidating.

Kinda like the (weak) rear wiring harness in the 997.   There's a small draw somewhere in the rear underbody causing enough battery loss to keep the starter from turning over sufficiently especially in the colder weather after a spirited drive.   I can't quite force myself onto the cold garage floor to start checking all of the wires and connections to do the locational fault correction.   The trickle charger has been pressed into service for the past year keeping the battery mostly alive and well, but time and patience are running out.   The dealership might have to intervene with this one in the spring.   Hey, it's only money.   Priorities, priorities, priorities…

        December 19th     The weather is warming in a few days and wind is predicted.

Looking forward to getting beach time and doing some windsurfing photog in the coming week.

The season has stretched this year and the possibility of more windsurfing before January is a reality.

Overcast conditions are generally more of a challenge for telephoto activity.   My camera loves bright sky with sunlight in the faces of happy windsurfers.   ISOs lower, depth of field and shutter speed both increase, and all of the on-water talent shows up way better.

This coming Monday and Thursday predict good wind and maybe some sunshine somewhere along the lakes.

Looking forward to being there and sharing some of the joy.

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        December 10th     Site is reorganizing and simplified with only a few lingering glitches remaining…

Both The iMac (home based computer) and the MacBook (laptop travel computer) are being completely cleaned out and renewed.

All files are being deleted or temporarily stored externally to begin computer life as new machines.   Sigh.

Windinsight.com and all related or worthwhile files have been saved either on the server, the Apple Time Machine, or new portable, external hard drives.

Original files will be kept on an external drive or two for about 30 - 60 days before deleting them permanently.   (My many, many 1000s of RAW files and uploaded pics, videos, APs, and files each year take up HUGE computer storage space.)

For now the original site can still be accessed through the Archives link located here, just a click away from the Contact Page.

NB ~> When visiting any of the past time travels you can click on the Return To Hatteras/Lakes/Trip/whatever icons AND you will be redirected to ALL of that part of the original site as well.

Simply return to the Main Page or leave any part of the site at any time as usual.

Only a very small working part of the site will be carried on the two computers at any given time.   All the rest of windinsight.com will be saved on the server and backed up on external hard drives so there is virtually no real change except maybe for some stumbling around for a while.

This will keep both computers working quickly and relatively uncluttered now and in the future.

Eventually windinsight will only be a small current collection of Main Page shots taken in the wings of some nursing home along the Columbia River Gorge from my walker using an iPhone 68-S moving to and from meals, yoga, pool-time, HBO 40th season of Banshee, happy hour, looking out the window, and naptime.

Not making this up.   Cheers!

A link to all site archives from the Contact page.

        December 8th     About to clean up and clean out the Mac completely.

Windinsight will be reorganized as well over the next month.   It's time to downsize the site and simply make it more manageable.   Picture files are currently much larger than they were even a few years ago.   Older HTML files and tables can be problematic.   The past 2 - 5 years will likely be maintained as an archive for now.   If anyone would like to offer any suggestions this would be a good time for input.

The complete site from 2003 will be stored and on file here at home, but at this point we'll be looking at one year at a time in a somewhat simpler, more current format.

A primary focus involving windsurf, wind driven sports, and photography will continue to dominate the scope and purpose of this site.

        November 30th,     Dust off the luge and get the snow pants out of storage.

Windsurfing and sailing are on hold are on hold until the spring.   Our winter trips are delayed for yet another year at which time we will hopefully be able to qualify for full coverage travel insurance once again.

In the meantime there's wandering about with the camera, working out, having fun family, downsizing the accumulated load from the last 53 years, and enjoying winter.   Once the snow disappears and the roads are dry the van & FIYOLO will emerge from storage, the bicycle tires will get pumped, and we'll be packing once again for Hatteras.

Both overloaded computers are scheduled to be refreshed at the Apple Store and a few new external hard drives will soon be pressed into file storage service for another year of photog adventures.   All of this will be well underway within the next few weeks.

My sailing quiver is finally in perfect order what with carrying only three of my four boards and 4 - 6 rigs for either here around Niagara or there wherever the destination, one day at a time.   Life is good.

Video Slideshow -> a few pics from Sugarloaf sailing this past season…

To enlarge the thumbnails below please click on the pictures.

        November 24th,     Dwell in in possibilities.

Entertaining movies like Ghost (Patrick Swayze) and Contact (Jodi Foster) convey both the chance and the hope that we are on a some kind of spiritual journey and that we are not alone in the universe.   Films like these can at least give us pause to reflect.

We live in four seasons that recur and bring with each spring a new beginning of sorts.

In life I was blessed with a job that allowed me to mostly start over every September and literally fail my way to more so called personal growth and success as years unfolded.

With age as a factor in whatever time left I look forward to once again testing my skills and enjoying my wind-driven pursuits.   It's all a rather selfish indulgence and one that will certainly become more challenging in the next few decades.

Plans to simplify my gear for Hatteras in April and then again for Niagara in May are thoughtfully complete no matter what.   Plans to sell and renew a few parts of this exquisite puzzle are not only in place but also waiting to be pressed into spring service regardless of any chance or probability in the calendar of it all.

Plans to travel are on hold as a part of an unfinished plan not yet in firm our hands.   My own life is currently changing as a result of knowing what to try to do and then struggle to maintain, both physically and mindfully, in the hope of being able to live well, one day at a time, one season at a time, whatever…

I dwell in possibilities not actually knowing what cards will be dealt and what consequence will prevail from the trial and past error of my ways.

That edgy epitaph still remains.   When God has closed my coffin lid, I'll do no more the things I did, thank God I did them when I did.   Past, present, future all inextricably blended in three lines, at least in my mind.

Live strong and in hope.   Live well and become your own hero.   Love well and be thankful for others in your life.   Plan carefully for more of whatever you hope and dream.   And then, above all, know that you've prepared well for whatever your tomorrows bring.

We work, we play, we live.   Windsurfing dream…

        November 17th,     Less could actually be more.   Just saying.

Four boards is way too many to haul around, even with a van.   Two boards would be ideal.   An 85L and somewhere around a 120L should handle sails from 3.7m - 7.5m

The 85L carries 3.7 - 5.5 with out an issue.   A 120 L carries sails from 5.5 - 8.5m without issues.

Travel would be hugely simplified and choice would be a lot easier.   Carrying 5 sails from 3.7 - 7.5 would totally do it for this older guy.   Think about it.

Sail ranges could include 3.7m, 4.2m, 5.0m, 6.0m, and 7.5m or maybe 3.7m, 4.5m, 5.5m, 6.3m, and 7.5m or how about just keeping 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.5mm, 6.3m, and 7.5…

One extra sail could be a deal breaker in some of the overall considerations evolving here.

Hold that thought.   Two boards and five sails.   Three carbon booms, two closely fitted boardbags, five masts, and a Lamborghini Avantedor.   OK, maybe a Jeep Wrangler with a Yakima multi stack board carrier and an appropriately sized roof box would be better choice.

If I pass my next medical exam, do well on my urine test, and haven't dropped too many IQ points on a Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale I might just move in a new windsurfing direction over the next decade or two.

It could simply begin with changing my three larger boards for one new 120L that is better designed to cover waves, chop, and flat water blasting.

And maybe seeking some kind of agreeable part-time employment to cover the Lamborghini maintenance expenses without somehow losing windy days and away time.

Nice.   Getting pumped!

        November 11th,     Back home, getting reorganized & caught up.

Both computers are slowing down and becoming problematic, most likely caused by the huge accumulation of RAW photog files, related photo-Apps, and totally overloaded scratch discs.

Will get them both to the Apple Store asap for a refresh, much needed clean out, and start over.   It's been four years of constant heavy duty use.   That's a lot of mileage, wear, and tear even for an Apple product.

The last few days in Hatteras had some good sessions for windsurfing and photography.   A front pushed through on our last day and made for some dramatic, serious sky shots.   My camera sensor was very dirty from changing lenses, so unfortunately higher aperture settings were avoided. Front to back, tack sharp higher F stops greater than f16 also capture the dust and debris that accumulates inside the camera on the sensor surface.   It takes forever to clone out the kazillions spots (using both Lightroom and Photoshop) that show mainly in the open sky above the horizon.

Two Hobie Mirage trimaran-kayaks showed up earlier in the day at the beach and caused some stir.   Looks like a winner for anyone wanting something wind driven plus pedal & paddle equipped, affordable, safe fun, and relatively easy to transport on a tandem wheel-cart accessory and car trailer (but overall quite heavy in my opinion for one person to roof rack).   Built for fairly easy set up, style, and speed on the water. (2 models   approx - 15ft. length for 1 passenger and a small dog + a 5.5m sail @ US$4500+   &   18 ft. length for 2 people, a picnic lunch, and a few kids + an 8.5m sail  @ US$6500+)

So, all that said, it's good to be home and somewhat settled after another amazing trek to the Outer Banks.

Next trip will only be with two boards.   Pretty sure that the Mistral 161 L Explosion and the 85 L Quattro FSW can do it all from 3.7m2 - 7.5m2.

I carry way, way too much baggage, gear, & whatever.   It's back to being totally lean and mean, physically, spiritually, and in transit.   Having glimpsed my own excessive mortality I am now my own Grim Reaper…

Chop Chop!

Pretty darned sure it will work well.   And, if it doesn't it would be a good excuse to demo a few new boards for a few days in the spring.

(Just kidding about the boards Nancie!)

To enlarge the thumbnails below please click on the pictures.

        October 31st,     Beach walks, sunsets, and T-Shirts.

We are located at Rodanthe, NC, on west shore of Pamlico Sound.   We're situated about 400 meters from the Atlantic Ocean where the warmer Gulf Stream and North Atlantic currents collide.

Within minutes we can be on the finest beach or a most incredible sunrise, and still be back for a sunset celebration from our balcony, fold-out lawn chair, or shared congregation of cheers to anything, drink-in-hand, Happy Hour Devotees.

Life doesn't get much better than this.

When the wind isn't launching and blasting us about us on the Sound we can walk the beaches of the Atlantic.

If we had T-Shirts they would likely have an orange sun, a winsurf sail hiked way back at speed, and the caption Sons Of Da Beach.


        October 28th,     Two worthy awards and three worthy recipients.

Yesterday afternoon an adolescent Greater Black-backed Gull became trapped in a baited fishing line.   As it floundered helplessly in the Sound we realized that it was in serious trouble.

Brenda and Kelly both headed out immediately to lend a hand helping to release the bird from its bondage.

With a towel to wrap the bird and a pair of scissors they cut the line wrapped many time around the gull.

The bird was able to safely fly away after nearly drowning.

The Dolphin Award was presented for their humanitarian rescue efforts.

Irene was also presented with the Janice Rolls windsurfing trophy for her compassion and humane focus.   Her heartfelt and wide-ranging attention regarding feral cats here on the island and animal rescue made her the first worthy receiver of the trophy presented regularly for any special act or accomplishment.

It's not always about our wind-driven sport.   We care deeply about our fellow creatures and the environment in which we live and play.

To enlarge the thumbnails below please click on the pictures.

        October 27th,     The MacBook Pro is not responding well, but the wind and weather here are exquisite.

The two more challenging accessories are the bluetooth mighty mouse (plus the backup) and the external hard drive (just replaced).   It could be related to the new Operating System, not sure.

Stored picture files are being corrupted for some reason, and an unfamiliar trackpad is currently my only navigational tool.

The result is a very slow and plodding work-flow in both downloading and processing pics in LightRoom & Photoshop and then uploading them to the server with the FTP.   It seems to take forever (hours) to process a few files, make entries like this, and the all the rest going on in my digital world that previously took what seemed like minutes to accomplish.   Finding the commands for some manoeuvres is onerous and frustrating at this stage.   Hopefully it will get better in a few days.

Both the Mac at home (overtaxed and chugging slowly with years of picture files) and this MacBook will need a trio to the Apple Store for some overhaul and refreshing.   Hopefully everything will get somewhere back to normal when we get home to Niagara.

All that said the weather here in The Outer Banks is a treat and the windsurfing has been delightful.   Fully powered up in warm, windy conditions makes everything come together like a joyous symphony.   There's wind all week and showing for next as well.

Life is good.

        October 22nd,     Yesterday's FreeCell post with Scott (MobilityWare Support) happily concluded even though that much needed game number was not yet forthcoming…

Scott (MobilityWare)

Oct 21, 10:16

Thanks John,

I am delighted to maybe making the Christmas card list for just doing my job.   (Hope it is one with you in the snow working the snowblower and playing Freecell on your device at the same time!) Lol.

Take care and have a great joyous holiday season.

MobilityWare Support

to MobilityWare


Thank-you.   You have worked your way deep into our hearts here in Niagara.   If our children are in agreement you might be included not only in our Final Will And Testament but also as an honorary family membership in the Grant Clan.   This comes with full tartan apparel and bagpipe marching status with us parading on Canada Day plus a haggis and fireworks dinner celebration in Queen Victoria Park with the whole family.   This of course, includes free Canadian government medical health coverage for the duration of time spent in Canada over and above your Obamacare.

John and Nancie Grant

        October 21st,     Other issues in my life besides wind, weather, and want.

I'm currently stuck on a FreeCell game of solitaire that I can't solve.   So I contact the game support to seek the game number, which does not show ANYWHERE in the random deal I face before me.   An internet search would reveal if there's a solution for the game. Apparently there are about 5 or so unsolvable games in the millions of possible random shuffles on which I click for each new game.

The MobilityWare Team is shown in the Game Ap as having fun times working together in a jovial atmosphere of play and recreation throughout the world.   Nice!   Except I desperately need a FreeCell game number to help solve my current dilemma.

Here goes.

MobilityWare Support
John Grant   Oct 18, 09:32   Re:   Please!   How do I find the game number for a FreeCell Ap from Apple?
Currently at 100% for 245 games.   Totally stuck on this last one.   Would like to know the game # to see if mine is an impossible game or if someone has ever solved it.   (My game an Ap Store download on my Apple iPad.)
John Grant

Scott (MobilityWare)   Oct 19 (2 days ago)
Scott (MobilityWare)
Oct 19, 10:59
Greetings John,
Thanks for your email and for playing FreeCell.
FreeCell offers randomly shuffled games as well as selected games.   If you have chosen to deal a random game, these deals do not have a game number and we do not know if a random game is winnable or not.   It is up to you to figure that out.   FreeCell also offers a million select games and the game number after you select it will reside in the lower left corner of the screen.   This information is under settings and "About FreeCell Deals".   If you would like to play one of the million select games, choose "Select Game" from the play menu and enter a number between 1 and 1 million.   Again, the game number will appear on the bottom left side of the page for Select games only.
I hope this answers your question and thanks for playing our game.
MobilityWare Support

to MobilityWare
Thanks Scott,
But now, I may end my career with a 99.9999919% on my FreeCell report card which would be pretty good as I'm no longer in search of perfection thanks to YOUR TEAM's game numbering flaw in YOUR random deal algorithm or whatever/however you know it to be.   I hope your team is happy about my currently darkened status and can live with - Scott said, "It is up to you to figure that out."   Me, I'm lucky to find my shirt buttons in the right holes most days let alone read any of the the fine print in YOUR "About FreeCell Deals" section.
Nice one.   Hopefully you and your outrageously talented team won't ever be afflicted with a .0000001% chance of dysentery from an ice cube tainted margarita on a warm sunny beach or a "random" bolt of lightning playing beach volleyball while - Having Fun While Giving Back as shown in your ABOUT US, while I'm pushing my snowblower through a 20 foot snowdrift this winter.   Maybe take a serious moment from your over the top, fortunate lives and somehow number the random deals.   It can't be that difficult, pretty sure the Microsoft version does it.
But I'll keep silent and not utter any further personally hurt, and vengeful remarks that will likely be ignored anyway.   Hopefully your response wasn't a computer generated reply as that would likely send me flying off in another emotional direction.

Scott   (MobilityWare)   Oct 20, 11:41
Hi John,
Thanks for your reply and sorry that you feel that a random game with no game number is a flaw in our application.   I would still be very proud of that percent number.   There are many players that do not want to know that a game can be won and know that the cards are shuffled on the device.   They also want to figure out the games as you have done as you would complete a game with a normal deck of cards.   They are not going to add game numbers to random deals, it is just not going to happen when we already have a million FreeCell numbered games.
If you want all winning games, knowing that you can win every game that has a solution and a game number, then select a winning deal or select a game number game in the play list.
I will pass on to the engineers that they should not have a good time at their job when others are having to dig out from under the snow, it is just not fair and I will let them know!! ;)
Have a great day and keep up the good work on your FreeCell game.
MobilityWare Support

to MobilityWare
Your courteous, somewhat hopeful, and prompt response has placed you on my Christmas card list.   And, that's a definite maybe, not sure of the %age possibility of you actually receiving anything uplifting in December humorous, seasonal, or spiritual, unless I win a lottery of some significance.   In any event you may use my personal recommendation of your thoughtfulness as a reference in case you are seeking a raise in pay or a promotion, not that anyone would want or expect anything more working for MobilityWare...
John Grant

My perfect FreeCell life is definitely not looking up at this point.   I wonder if our new PM Justin can help with a intervention here?   Maybe I'll drop him a line in 10 days or so when he's settled in.

As for Scott's …keep up the good work… comment above - my self-talk, personal cheerleading fight song - Good Better Best,   We Will Never Rest,   Until Our Good Is Better,   And Our Better Best! - will, continue to best serve everyday survival and all other on-going life struggles.

        October 14th,     Yesterday was exquisite for the most part.

The west wind was strong, the sun was dazzling on all of the busy incoming action, and by the end of the day three sails and two boards had served me well.

Sailing out into the sunlight and up over huge rollers was absolutely delightful.   And ripping back to shore down and over these amazing wave sets was pure fun.

I tried to get the GoPro started but the battery had died.   Neglected for the past few months and put away used was solely my fault.   Not being able to capture a few of the highlights on the water was a regrettable error.   The best I can do is post a few pics from a year ago in similar conditions.

The gates at Long Beach closed early and we were politely told to pack up and leave.   I didn't get the opportunity to take any still shots.   Time passes way too quickly when you're having fun.

We'll have to source out a new location.   Maybe Bernard Rd. in the Ridgeway area is a possibility.

Thank goodness for the archives (below) to help fill in what I didn't photograph yesterday.

        October 10th,     This past week was somehow like being transported back to pre 1995 job days and shadow boxing those oppressive, opposing, sometimes dark occupational demons once again.

After a week of van failure, computer faults, website repair, a rather tragic hard drive loss could including a cursed warranty replacement hassle, the sun came out, the wind picked up, the sunroof in my head opened, and life went into sweet overdrive.   Just like all the joy and love about which little orphan Annie sang.

We had a beautiful sail on Wednesday evening.   No race rules or threats of protest lurking in the waves and wind.   Nice!

Plus, a visit from our wonderful Gus and his birthday mom brought us all back to the reality of family and love.   After a Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow a bonus Monday looks perfectly sunny, windy and warm.   Life is definitely picking up.

And a bonus!   In addition to our other grandchildren along with mom and dad are arriving in about 8 days there's more wind is forecast throughout the week.

With all of this current fortunate upswing maybe it's time to buy another lottery ticket!   Who knows!

Maybe have a listen to a theme song we can each sing when we're a bit down and out (below)…

Annie sings, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!"

        October 5th,     My computer driven web site life is lately becoming a more complicated nightmare. (somewhat revised and updated Oct. 6th)

It started with trying to maintain tables and HTML commands a few years ago with advancing HTML upgrades.   OK, I get the need to go from carburetors and steel wheels to fuel injection and alloy rims on today's higher performance cars on the road and on the track.   Time marches on and new ideas require new technology to implement and integrate the workflow and need to accommodate more complex issues.

But I think that it's also about making money.

It goes like this.

I work with three Apple computers, and sometimes my iPhone.

This website is loaded onto all three computers.   A Mac, and MacBook Pro, and an older MacBook

If I upload a page and some photos through my FTP (file transfer protocol) through the server to windinsight.com I have to duplicate the same change on the other two computers so the same page content plus the change will be uploaded if a change is made and that other computer is used to make and save that new page or picture.

The iMac is the stay at home, easier to web-design-with computer and we travel with the MacBook Pro and the MacBook which can maintain and upload pictures and website based tables on a day to day basis.   Tagging along are our iPhones, two iPads, and two iPods.

Apple has created the Cloud which is now able to integrate all of the Apple products in a keychain so all of our Apple products recognize each other, are mutually agreeable, and can store all their shared information in a common CLOUD which is basically a huge server somewhere else in the world.   Pretty cozy, eh?

Of course, storage in the CLOUD is limited and eventually everyone runs out of space and has either remove data or BUY more space.

Worse is the built in security involved with all of this.   Uploading with more than one computer has created the challenge of password security.   The Apple/iCloud secure password didn't work recently on My MacBook Pro and an error uploaded from the Mac could not be reversed using the FTP frozen MacBook Pro where the correct page was located.   Like having a stroke, windinsight was choking and partly out of commission with a now unfixable, crippling error and a command pop up that would not go away.   This very determined iCloud KeyChain soldier refused to go away and denied me access to my own computer and website network.   Kinda like being imprisoned behind the Berlin Wall, or maybe sitting next to the Shoe Bomber high up in a jet plane.

It took hours for me to figure out how to reset the KeyChain password security breach using the original but somehow now invalid password while my beloved website floundered hopelessly on the brink of cyberspace about to be vaporized by the KGB Romulan dark forces seemingly hired by the Apple iCloud police enforcers.

The people who design all of this brilliance are webmaster geniuses.   Me?   I'm somewhere on the road to Grade Three recess with a flat tire on my bicycle and a leaky Thermos in the grand scheme of all of this mind boggling black hole.   (Yes, the F bomb was muttered many times.)

Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. etc.) isn't content to sell you a program on a disc anymore.   Now you have to pay $9.99 US$ each month for any of their programs that get upgraded on a regular basis creating the need to upgrade everything else you own at a monthly cost or Visa/PayPal charge as well!   Get the business model involved?   Right on.   Regular income for everyone!   And regular payments from me.   No more driveway mechanic stuffing a new engine in the family jalopy.   And me, on a fixed income in my golden twilight years, held tight on a short financial leash by my loving but firmly positioned Nancie.

Take a deep breath.   And another.   And another.

(It's October 6th)   A day has passed.   I still haven't bought into the CLOUD or fully into the KeyChain yet.   Thankfully the annoying pop ups asking for passwords that wouldn't go away and froze the MacBook Pro have gone.   At least for now.   BTW - This is where I had tried to gain an entry too many times with an incorrect password (to a sudden barrage of pop-ups) that had I believed was right for whatever was the correct one…)   Fortunately I was able to figure out how to reset the KeyChain App.   Google and on line help is sometimes a blessing.

I will have to be mindful to ALWAYS download any updated website changes EVERY TIME to all three computers, and never click yes on a CLOUD pop-up without carefully thinking about the consequences when they appear on any of my Apple devices.   And they will because Apple wants me to buy in to their wonderful plan.   Any mindless click can start a fatal website avalanche where we'll likely go down, down, down again.   These simple acts will eliminate any chance of making a mistake that gets included in any new upload to my server or a computer freeze of some sort when I panic and later try to do a reverse move.   Hopefully this strategy will be enough to survive for another year or more in this rapidly ever-changing business world that's inextricably bound to a complex network of computer-based technology struggling to get - What's In Your Wallet.

One day at a time.

        October 4th, 2015     Not much wind predicted for the next few days, looking back over the past week, and a rather significant computer backup glitch…

Had hoped that the higher winds would last for a few days.

Yesterday was epic windsurfing according to all of the messaging chiming in from GroupMe.   Small sails and small boards were reported as well as strong steady wind and big waves in nice sets.

Picked up the van late yesterday afternoon and made the decision to wait for whatever wind was left until this morning.   With new rear brakes and rotors on the van I was ready for anything and anywhere today.

To boot, (no pun intended) an external hard drive just failed.   It contained all of the original files from the past three months.   I hope that they can be recovered somehow as some of pics were promised to others.

Not sure if the Time Machine or iCloud attached to the Mac picked up on any of this.   Will do some technical exploring over the next week.   The heady complexity of how iCloud is inextricably involved in all of my Apple interrelated life, photography, related Apps, and the like is somewhat beyond me at times like this.   Kind of like knowing how to drive a car but not really understanding how it all works.

Thankfully I did save a few of the better post-edited shots on my desktops both on the MacBook and the iMac.

Life goes on.

We had a great time in Newfoundland.   A week was just right.   The original plan of driving there in the family hot rod with one smaller carry on bag each would have been a bit too much at this point in our lives.

Being in the post-75 twilight zone of our lives and looking callously over our shoulder for the Grim Reaper helps with making some tougher decisions easier.   Fly, rent an apartment, pick up a rental car, sleep in, eat out, tour about after a leisurely breakfast, talk to everyone, take a few pictures, and celebrate a few short, careful Happy Hours here and there throughout the day.   Pubs in Newfoundland are hugely fun places.   So nice.

Life is still good.

(Denny just assured me that conditions for most of yesterday would have been sketchy, brutal, harrowing, mean, and mostly over-the-top challenging as the day unfolded.   His description of Saturday, October 3rd, on Lake Ontario, helped assuage all of my unfulfilled wind-driven anxieties and unfounded sorry ass blame.)

        October 2nd, 2015     Safely on the ground.

The wind shook the airplane hard pretty much throughout the flight from St John's to Toronto.   To put it mildly, it was disconcerting.   Many passengers, including me, were alarmed with the the shuddering, juddering, and watching the wings bounce up and down as the plane whacked down and hammered back up.   It was even more of a challenge to think about the forecast for the day and know that the GroupMe windsurfers were all fully lit on their 82 L boards and 4 metre sails.   (GroupMe - the free, simple way to stay connected with those who matter most.)   And sometimes they do.

Airplane Mode stopped the chime on any new messages from aggravating those around me and helped keep my eyes and mind connected deeply focussed on the in-flight movie Terminator Genisys.   My God, how I wanted to struggle into my wetsuit and launch into the wet dreamy, wild wonder, of a side-on blast of euphoria.

It was dark by the time we collected our luggage and exited the parking lot onto Viscount Avenue.   The van buffeted about in the strong, cold wind.   High gale warnings were posted on the Overhead Skyway Cautions as we approached Burlington.

All of a sudden it got worse.

The inside brake pad (right rear) detached and flew away somewhere into the night leaving a loud rattle, an ugly grinding noise, and a rhythmic knocking as the brake pedal kept softly depressing way further toward the floor.   Much further than it had ever traveled before in the otherwise reliable history of my beloved, gear empty, silver plated surf mobile.   But, it was hugely reassuring to feel the van stopping smoothly albeit with a mushy pedal.

The hope and joy of windsurfing somewhere faded and dropped out of sight.

Call the dealership.   Yes they are open, yes they can do the work, bring it in and leave it first thing in the morning.   There should be time to get it done by mid afternoon

Are any lights showing on the dash?   No!   It's probably safe to continue on with three computer controlled wheels, but be careful as the right rear rotor can be badly scored by the metal plate to which the brake pad was formerly attached.   With care and soft braking a new rotor might not be needed.   Where there's life there's hope.   Where there's hope there's the promise of a day on the water.   "The sun'll come up tomorrow" sang Annie.   And me too.

Hi Ho Silver!

It's 11:00 p.m. - Check the forecast for Sunday.   E 12 - 15 knots.   Sigh.

Maybe buggered.   Will check again at 7:00 a.m.

Sunday, October 4th - Modest to light wind predicted for the next few days…   There's lots of time to get reorganized, relax, and get all of the chores worked on.

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