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      January 14th, 2018     Fake dimensions, an invitation to a new direction.

We search for a purpose in life.   Sometimes it presents itself but almost goes unseen.   Thankfully my mind is almost crystal clear and kind of highly focussed.   Sort of like a spring loaded steel trap, waiting.

So it began…   I hesitated to order a new sailboard board-bag online.   I've been burned before with internet equipment ordering.   So has my friend Denny.

He has a new, unused Neil Pryde board bag (for sale) that measures 250 X 75 (cm)   That bag should have snugly fit his waveboard.   But no.   It's too big.   It should also fit my 125 L JP XCITE RIDE PLUS.   But no.   It's a tad too short.

So I double-check my board's dimensions.   250ish X 69ish (cm).   And then go to the JP website.   A 250 X 75 (cm) is the bag they recommend.   Silent Sports affirms this and in fact say the JP 250 X 75 (cm) will also fit the 135 L XCITE RIDE plus.   My mind reels.   Relax!   THEY can't all be wrong.

So I immediately order one.   And wait.

It arrived by courier 23 hours later.   I ran to the basement, opened, and placed the new board-bag on the carpet.   Then deftly I removed and with extreme care navigated my beloved 125 L XCITE RIDE PLUS from its winter storage sling into position, and carefully, with nimble proficiency, slipped my sweet, blue ride into the new 250 X 75 (cm) JP board-bag.   The zipper closed smoothly and safely secured the board, with tennis-balled footsteps, including some wiggle room of roughly two centimetres.


I stared in awesome silence at my fully protected new ride and pictured it securely fitted to roof racks anxiously awaiting our much anticipated southern journey, just three months away, to the Outer Banks Of North Carolina.

Adding to the ecstasy, the board easily pulled out of the bag.   Time for a tape measure check.

As expected the length and width measurements were greater than stated, around 255 X 87 (cm) to be approximate.

Caveat Emptor, buyer beware, you cannot depend on what's written on the package.   Fake dimensions.   This information could go viral in the right hands.   Exposé.   Think about it!   Mast bags, board bags, whatever, maybe there are also discrepancies in reported board volume and even sail size numbers.   Where could this all end?

An investigative reporter working for a quaint metropolitan newspaper comes to mind.   But that thought only lasts for a few seconds.

Maybe just too much free time on my hands.

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      January 3rd, 2018     Checklist.

New Year's resolutions aside, we can now get on with the betterment our lives.   Seriously.

Making targets.   Using time.   Time to work toward our needs and ideals including our ideal windsurfing weight, a substantial diet, a simple, solid exercise and weight training regimen, gear inspection & budgeting for a few new, essential items on the shopping replacement list, planning for Hatteras, and maybe thinking about visualizing a few unfulfilled moves to help our sailing capability improve throughout this coming year.

Focussed and working on improving this wonderful, mysterious journey, and our elusive, ever-changing destination.

Life is good.

The note our boys left said, " Please don't take down the forts."   Roger that.

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      January 1st, 2018     If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he (or she) has imagined, he will meet with unimagined success…

Written by American writer Henry David Thoreau, author of Walden Pond (1854) (Ticknor and Fields: Boston).

So then, make your life extraordinary.

Making forts with your grandchildren, watching Rocky and humming the theme together watching him train, finding the perfect 125 L board and staring at it at 4 a.m. before heading back to bed.   Whatever.   Even if it's kinda extraordinary in ordinary ways, make moments count.   Maybe even think about trading the Dodge Caravan for a new surfmobile.

life is short.   The wind can pooch at any moment.   Reach for the stars.   Forgive.

And keep dancing after the music stops.

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