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Just click and watch…   ALSO Google your interests i.e.  YouTube windfoiling Slingshot foils 2021, windfoiling YouTube Robbie Naish, etc.

A good foil gibe tutorial…

Choosing a foil…   (includes an interview with Casey Treichler)

A very worthwhile foiling tutorial…

Eric L. Mihelbergel ~ Top 5 Foiling Tips For Beginners and Intermediates

#1 First foil flights. (windfoiling)

#2 First foil flight. (windfoiling)

#3 sustaining foil flights - (windfoiling)

#4 gybing in foil flights

All - Sam Ross Foiling Tutorials, and much more…

Windfoil Flight School Many video choices...

How to FOIL by Balz Muller

A Robby Naish video reviewing a 2020 Naish windsurf foil and board.

Learning to foil? - Wyatt Miller talks about & demonstrates Slingshot Windfoiling 2020, (mast foil position below back footstrap is clearly shown)…

TWS - Tenerife Windsurf Solution - A light wind gybe and other light wind technique

Jem Hall ~ Windsurfing Light Wind Fundamentals and moves.

Jibe technique - 12 step program (Dasher)

TWS - EXTREMELY worthwhile jibe technique - great carve jibe advice…

TWS Tenerife Windsurf Solution - a one stop online windsurfing help destination…

Another worthwhile carve jibe video

You gotta watch this step in a beautiful carve jibe.

How to fast tack.

Tacking a short board (advanced)…

The tack, clearly explained, as only a Brit can help clarify in the Queen's best English.

Waterstart Techniques

Waterstart Instruction

Worthwhile insights.   Footstrap and mast base postions…

Carve Jibe     Check out the footwork on these carve jibes!   (Watch the outside strap lift with toes and body positioning over the board)

Slow motion, high mast camera mount - Jumps & a few other freestyle moves.


This guy makes the Duck Jibe look way too easy

Nail that carve jibe with Jem Hall (Definitely a worthwhile watch)

Get your board planing in lighter wind - Matt Prtichard

The F-F-Fast Tack

Get that front had close to the front when flipping the sail

The boom slide - Matt Pritchard (front hand on the flip in a gybe)

The StedJibe Carve - A workable turn worth working!

The carve tack, an ultimate, fast, desirable, and a very achievable upwind turn.

Duck Jibe - Matt Pritchard

Jump that board high! - Matt Pritchard

NB!   Jibing - when turning, lift up on the outside strap with toes!

At Last!   Peter Hart & Dave White - (Extremely Worthwhile) Jibe Technique

Peter Hart & Dave White - Start with this one to help master the gybe.

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